Sunday, 3 July 2022

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Only registrations which have been approved by the organizer are shown below ! The abstract, certificate of attendance, invoice and full paper status are shown at the last coloumn. You must login to your registration page to download the invitation letter, invoice and certificate of attendance.

No. Name Institution Registration status Note

1. L.T. Handoko
GFTK LIPI participant invitation letter
2. Rizal Arifin
Brawijaya University [ Molecular dynamics ]
Multilayer Thermal Stability of Layered Graphene by Molecular Dynamics Simulation
invitation letter
3. Sugeng Rianto
UB [ High performance computing and Parallel processing ]
Geometry computation for haptic rendering
invitation letter
4. Zarnuji Sidiq
Brawijaya University [ Computational fluid dynamics ]
Fluid Dynamic Simulation Using Kaplan Methods to Recognize Airflow On The Car Body
invitation letter

Total : 4 registrations
3 orals
0 posters

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