Sunday, 3 July 2022

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- Call for Papers -

Organized by
Manassa Pontianak and
The State Islamic Institute (IAIN) of Pontianak

Please click on the latest information below:
  1. Registrastion requirements.
  2. Selected abstract announcement.

Note: We will contact the selected speakers to explain the details of the conference.

International Conference on Nusantara Manuscripts is a forum that researchers, academics, teachers, book writers, and students can expose their ideas, researches and discourse on manuscripts studies. The forum is designed in such a way that it can effectively provide advice on current and future direction for the manuscripts research, exploration, inventorization and preservations.

We accept abstracts of research and theory-based discussion paper in any of the listed topic areas or related areas. Your abstract may consists of ideas or completed/ongoing/proposed research in manuscript inventorization, manuscript preservations, profiles of manuscripts owners, manuscripts and science, manuscripts and technology, manuscript and culture, manuscripts and local wisdom, manuscripts and language, philological study on manuscripts and the achievement of human civilizations.

  1. Nusantara manuscript inventory,
  2. Nusantara manuscript preservation,
  3. Profiles of Nusantara manuscripts owners,
  4. Nusantara manuscripts and science,
  5. Nusantara manuscripts and technology,
  6. Nusantara manuscript and culture,
  7. Nusantara manuscripts and local wisdom,
  8. Nusantara manuscripts and language,
  9. Philological study on Nusantara manuscripts and the achievement of human civilizations.

Plenary Speakers:
  1. Prof. Henri Chambert-Loir (France),
  2. Prof. Willem van der Mollen (Netherlands),
  3. Prof. Achadiati (Indonesia),
  4. Prof. Siti Chamamah Soeratno (Indonesia),
  5. Prof. Oman Fathurahman (Indonesia),
  6. Prof. Kenneth R. Hall (USA),
  7. Dr. Annabel Teh Gallop (United Kingdom),

Parallel Presentations: located in different classrooms, there will be presentations of abstracts by participants from different countries. Abstracts should be submitted before the deadline and will be blind reviewed by a team of scholars in related fields of study. Group presentation may be delivered in English or Bahasa Indonesia but the abstracts should be written in English.
Moderators: the moderators of the plenary session will be provided by the committee. The moderators of parallel presentation will be appointed amongst the presenters. Those who are interested in being moderators are suggested to email the committee.

  1. The abstract for the research-based paper should include the introductory statement, the general research objectives, research methodology, and discussion of the outcomes.
  2. The abstract for the theory-based discussion paper should include the introductory statement, the general paper objectives, literary discussion, and recommendation.
  3. Any of the abstract should be completed with 5 keywords.
  4. The brief abstract (100-150 words) is written in:
    1. Word Processor: MS Word document,
    2. Page Size: A4,
    3. Margins: 1" top, 1" bottom, 1.25" left, 1" right,
    4. Font: Times New Roman Size-12, Headings-14 Bold, Spacing-1.5,
    5. Title of the paper: Font 14, Bold, Central alignment,
    6. Author/s, Affiliation, Town, Country: Right alignment, below title, italics,
    7. Email Ids & Contact numbers: end of the paper, Font 12, Bold.

Leave one blank line after the affiliations. Then type “ABSTRACT” (centered, 9-point, bold). Leave another blank line and followed by the text of the abstract 9-point, justified). Leave one blank line after the text of the abstract and type “Keywords:” (align left, 9-point, bold). A maximum of five keywords, separated by commas, should immediately follow the colon.

We accept abstracts of research (of any approach) as well as of theory-based discussion paper in any of the listed topic areas. Send your abstract to and/or email to before 15 July 2015. We will notify whether your abstract is accepted within 10 days.
If your abstract is accepted we will ask you to send a complete paper to be included in a proceeding that will be available at the conference book fair. Submit your full paper via and/or email to before 25 Agustus 2015.

Full papers to appear in our conference publication should contain the followings:
  1. Name, institute affiliation, mailing address, and email address for all authors,
  2. Paper title,
  3. Topic code,
  4. Abstract,
  5. Keywords,
  6. Introduction,
  7. Body of paper,
  8. Tables, figures, etc. in their proper position in the paper (if applicable),
  9. Conclusion,
  10. Brief biography of each author (one paragraph, no more than 100 words),
  11. References
(Note: introduction + body + conclusion of paper max. 5,000 words)

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