Tuesday, 6 December 2022

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- Strengthening the Researches through Computations -

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The Workshop on Computational Science (WCS) was the next event in a series of Conferences on Computational Science and Its Applications, previously held in Puspitek LIPI Jakarta (2004), UGM Jogjakarta (2005), UB Malang (2006) (Was cancelled because of Mud disaster), UNPAD Bandung (2007), and Central LIPI Jakarta (2008).

Computational sciences is one of the most reliable method in empowering the meaning of science and have more accurate in measuring and predicting the physical phenomenon. It is also a main pillar of most of the present research, industrial and commercial activities and plays a unique role in exploiting Information and Communication Technologies as innovative technologies.The WCS Conference offered a real opportunity to discuss new issues, tackle complex problems and find advanced enabling solutions to shape new trends in Computational Science.

The selected proceedings of the WCS conference, will published by the Journal of Theoretical and Computational Studies managed by Indonesian Computational Society (MKI). This journal has been registered with the registration number ISSN 1829-6424 and available online through Journal lipi site.


    The conference is focused on the recent topics of scientific phenomena and how the computational methods and computing technologies could contribute to resolve the problems. The scope covers, but not limited to, the following areas :

    o Supercomputing and scientific computing o Computational fluid dynamics o Computational physics o Computational chemistry
    o Inversion problems o Monte Carl o methods and applications o Mathematical software tools o Computer graphic and Virtual reality
    o Scientific visualization o Cellular automata o Mathematical modeling o Computational models
    o Numerical methods and simulation o Ordinary and partial differential equations o Molecular dynamics o Stochastic differential equations
    o Optimization and optimal control o Finite element methods o Software architectures for scientific computing
    o Domain decomposition methods o Atmospheric science o Integral equations o Operational research
    o Dynamical systems o Generalized eigen-problems o Coupled problems o Nonsymmetrical solvers o Bioinformatics and computational biology Economics
    o Computational Engineering (fluid, structure, etc) o Geophysics (atmospheric, hydrology, climate)
    o Material Modeling o Sociology Computational science o Data analysis o Model fitting
    o Numerical simulation o Computing tools (macro, library, ...) o Data mining
    o High performance computing Parallel processing Seismic data processing o Multi-level and Multi-grid methods
    o Krylov methods o Nonlinear systems and eigenvalue solvers
    o Computational electromagnetic and computational electrodynamics o Mathematics and circuit simulation
    o Splines and wavelets and applications o Engineering problems and emerging applications o Numerical linear algebra o Approximation theory
    o Applications of scientific computing in physics, mechanics, chemistry, biology, environmental and hydrology problems, production scheduling, automotive industry, etc


    The official language is English, however Bahasa Indonesia is also possible.

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