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Nonlinearity is a general phenomenon of universe, from very small size to large scale of matters. The complicated problems arise in various areas of research such as physics, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, life science, engineering, economics, sociology, arts and humanitarian fields. Nowadays, the field attracts good deal of public attention, not only of scientific communities but also industrial users. The workshop is intended to gather researchers and scientists from such areas to discuss the problems and solutions, to share the advanced application of nonlinearity approaches and to direct future researches and applications.


    The workshop covers both theoretical and application aspects of the field. All topics related on the studies of nonlinearity are welcome. The workshop consists of several review talks on the latest and hot topics in particular subjects, and several short talks. Review talks are based on invitation, while the short talks are based on contributed papers.
    Nonlinear Mathematics
    - Classical Mathematics
    - Chaos
    - Fractal
    - Cellular Automata
    - Modeling
    - Integrable System
    - Differential Equations
    - Soliton
    - Etc
    Nonlinear Science
    - Atmospheric, Hidrology and Geoscience
    - Bioscience
    - Chemical Reaction
    - Material Science
    - Optics
    - Quantum Chaos
    - Economics
    - Sociology
    - Etc
    Nonlinear Engineering
    - Fluid Dynamics
    - Instrumentation
    - Structural Analysis
    - Programming and Computation
    - Electronics
    - Etc

Date Venue

    Fisika FMIPA IPB
    Kampus IPB Darmaga


    The official language is Bahasa Indonesia, however English is also available for foreign speakers.


    Registration should be done in advanced through the link of online registration form below, however all payment should be made on arrival. In order to reduce the administration work, manual registration is not accepted. Participants who wish to contribute a talk are requested to provide the electronic version of their papers in LaTeX format on arrival. The paper should be written in English, and will be published as the workshop's proceeding in the Journal of Theoretical and Computational Studies. The authors are suggested to follow the instructions provided by the publisher. The deadline of registration for the participants with talk contribution is May 7th, 2006, while for the others is anytime till the day of workshop.
    The proceeding will be available on the publisher's site for free, and the access is open for public a week after the workshop. Delay submission of the paper will not be considered.

    Participation fee :
    - registration for speaker : Rp. 75.000,- (student, with meal and kit)
    : Rp. 100.000,- (non-student, with meal and kit)
    - registration for non-speaker : Rp. 50.000,- (with meal and kit)
    : Rp. 25.000,- (with meal, without kit)
    : Rp. 0,- (without meal, without kit)
    *) meal : lunch, snack and drink; seminar kit : certificate, name tag


      c/o Husin Alatas
      Fisika FMIPA IPB
      Kampus IPB Darmaga
      Tlp. +62 (0251) 625728

    ATTENTION ! Please do any contact to the organizers through the FORUM, we do NOT accept any direct inquiries...

    Steering Committee

      Barman Tambunan (BPPT)
      Jaharuddin (IPB)
      L.T. Handoko (LIPI)
      The Houw Liong (ITB)


      Albertus Sulaiman (Geostech BPPT)
      Anung Syampurwadi (Fisika LIPI)
      Bobby Eka Gunara (Fisika ITB)
      Faozan Ahmad (Fisika IPB)
      Hendradi Hardhienata (Fisika IPB)
      Husin Alatas (Fisika IPB, Chairman)
      Miftachul Hadi (Fisika LIPI)
      Himpunan Mahasiswa Fisika IPB

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